"Sauce" by Adero Neely - New Hit Single 


Adero Neely Drops New Hit Single "Sauce"
Adero Neely makes transition from teen sensation to young adult singer-songwriter, composer-producer, actor-entertainer with release of new hit single "Sauce".

Chicago, IL, July 28, 2015 --( PRESS RELEASE
ADERO NEELY hails from the Windy City of Chicago, IL, (aka Chi-Town). His musical style may be R&B but his newly released single entitled “SAUCE” is mixed with strong Hip Hop and Pop flavors, seasoned with a street edge. Powered by 369 Music Group, Adero [which means Gives Life] is hitting Chicago and the National Scene with a powerful song that is definitely airplay and chart bound. “SAUCE” is a game changer for him. Adero spent a great deal of time in the studio composing and recording and; in going through a musical transformation; he came-up with the right chemistry in "Sauce" to embrace music lovers of all ages. To show the world just who Adero is; the formula he injected in writing and producing the hot sizzling song “SAUCE” and other compositions to his coming EP “PINK ROSES” demonstrates that he intends to be Chicago’s next musical force to be reckon with. To help him achieve this goal, 369 Music Group has teamed with Gus Redmond to market and promote Adero's music.

Adero’s singing style and performances is an attention grabber, especially with the ladies. He has swag. Now at 21, he’s perfecting his craft. Starting in music at a very young age, he established himself as a true musician, writing and composing many of the songs posted to YouTube. A great deal of what he writes and sings about is reflected in his performances and manifested by screaming audiences as they experience his infinite stage energy. As a budding Artist, Adero has been opening major concerts from a very young age. His attraction to audiences takes immediate recognition to why he is called "The Boy Wonder" by Chicago Media. At age 12, Adero opened for a sold out crowd of 4500 during the New Jack Swing Tour featuring R&B singers Aaron Hall, Guy, Teddy Riley, Black Street, Tony Toni Tone and After 7. At ages 14 and 15 he was the featured Act for Soulja Boy and Trey Songz. At 16, Adero was the spotlight Artist for BET’s Blaze The Stage at Symphony Hall in New York City; and the Chicago Bulls special in-house artist. He floored the audience as the guest singer at The Michael Jackson Tribute held at Rail Cats Stadium, Gary, IN. Adero’s increasingly strong viral, print and television presence began with his 2005 music video, “Save Some World For Me”; that was selected by “Swept Away TV” and distributed by Teen Music/Pop Culture TV shown in 42 market. His most recent 2014 performance garnered him plenty of attention at SXSW in Austin, TX.

Adero is also an actor. He appeared in the pilot for such productions as MTV COPY CATS in Los Angeles, a supporting actor in the feature film "Kathryn Upside Down", the featured actor in Cut Out-the movie [short film], made a special appearance in Dream Girls, as Little Sammy, the Off Broadway Production; and has appeared in various commercials such as Red Box, Walgreens, Master Lock, and a Sears Holiday Commercial.

With the culmination of the experiences mentioned herein, Adero's writing and production skills have been cultivated for his songs to attract major Radio Play and grab the attention of retail audiences’ all over the world. This will afford Adero the opportunity to headline shows [not only in Chicago] but, in Cities across the Country and throughout the World.

Taking a leave from College at Northern Illinois University (NIU), this multi-talented singer looks to focus on heightening his career as a singer-songwriter, performer and actor. He has worked tirelessly, preparing for 2015 and beyond. And, vowing to take it all the way to the top, you can jump on the bandwagon and either follow him, subscribe to his pages, comment on his work or just like, Tweet, Instagram or visit Adero at: Twitter@Aderosinger;; Facebook@Adero.Neely"; Facebook@Adero.TheHero; YouTube@NDahoz; Instagram@Aderoneely; and Reverbnation@Aderoneely. His music can also be purchased at iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other retailing outlets.

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Sauce by Adero Neely drops July 30, 2015
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     Adero (which means “Give Life”) is a rising 21 year old singer-songwriter, composer-producer and musician-actor. His city of origin is Chicago, Illinois USA; commonly referred to as ChiTown. His musical style-genre is R&B but his music is mixed with strong Hip Hop, Pop and cool catchy rhythms and hooks. Adero is powered by Ndahoz Entertainment and 3.6.9. Music Group.  

   The words, prodigious and multi-talented are synonymous and holds true for a brief description of this Chicago native performer, Adero Neely, as he infuses his seemingly infinite energy and talents into his songs. His musical ability shows experience, passion and wisdom coming from a place far beyond the date of his birth certificate and when you hear his new music you will notice this is not your ordinary newcomer. For one thing, this fresh-faced multi-talented singer has his own sound. In December 2013, Adero decided to take time off after he finished his first year at Northern Illinois University to pursue his musical career. Since that time he has produced more than 40 new songs, of which one has been submitted to John Legend for possible album placement. 

   In 2015, Adero intends to release several EPs, singles and music videos; so when you see him on your radar, pay close attention. He also has his eyes set on landing a possible role in the NBC TV series Empire; so somebody tell Lee Daniels that this kid is seeking a private audition. Adero acting credits already consist of several MTV pilots, short firms, TV and Internet commercials, stage plays and a feature film. This budding artist has recently gone through a musical metamorphosis and he is systematically drawing music lovers of all ages to take immediate note to his macrocosm of R&B and pop songs deliciously enriched with sticky hooks and campy lyrical play. His first upcoming EP is called "Pink Roses" and the six songs chosen are off the chain. You can, subscribe, comment, Like, Tweet, Instagram, visit ,

Twitter @Aderosinger;; Facebook@Adero-Neely;

Facebook@Adero.The.Hero; Youtube@Ndahoz; Instagram@Aderoneely; and Reverbnation@Aderoneely





New 14 Song Album "Pink Roses" - COMING TO ALL STORES JANUARY 15, 2016

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